Faith Despite Life

This is the testimony of a woman at the church I pastor. It touched my heart and I want to share it….


TODAY FOR ME MARKS A NEW LIFE-I know I will see both ends of the spectrum of good days and bad days, but with God I will learn to treasure the simplicity and grace of middle ground! Honestly, it does not feel like my year right now but God has blessed me with an open mind-a mind that not too long ago was closed.  The Lord is already at work behind the scenes, transforming my life! He is making me into the woman he had in mind when he created me.  I am preparing to continually be at a crossroad with many choices in front of me.  I know every day, many times a day, I will make decisions that determine the rest of my story.  I can choose HEALING or RESENTMENT, FREEDOM or UNFORGIVENESS, LOVE or CLOSURE, JOY or DESPAIR!  MY ROAD SPLITS HERE-choose the road of righteousness and live in the light, or choose the path of destruction and remain in the dark. God has chosen me to change and shape the legacy for my children and someday grandchildren.  God is giving me strength to look fear in the eye see it clearly.  I am afraid of REJECTION, FAILURE, INTENSE PAIN and SPEAKING MY DEEPEST TRUTHS.  It has me trapped, it has taken away my power and controlled my mind, but God is one by one showing me my fears through battle scars I have accumulated over the years and through that he is giving me the courage and strength I need to step forward little by little towards complete healthy freedom!

A close friend gave me an analogy that brought it full circle for me—I boarded a plane a long time ago headed for paradise but each time it landed in paradise I chose to stay on the plane and circle back.  I have been on that plane for years, just circling, never getting off—I have been choosing to stay where it’s comfortable-in darkness and despair!  It’s time to see paradise and I’m choosing today to see God in that terminal-he is waiting for me to step off that plane—and CHOOSE TO WALK IN FAITH, DESPITE LIFE!

2 thoughts on “Faith Despite Life

  1. I love this! I can see total transformation in your life and I’m proud to call you friend…I’ll be walking beside you every step of the way…. God Bless you CG!!!


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