Adam’s Journal

I remember life in the garden. It was wonderful. We could go anywhere we wanted, do anything we pleased, and there were no burdens or conflicts. We did not have the weight of shame or guilt to weigh us down. God’s presence was with us in a tangible way, and life ran smoothly. One of my favorite things I used to do in the garden was to sit with God and talk under the various trees. I didn’t really have a favorite, because they were all beautiful and provided shade. As I would speak with God I would casually reach up and eat from the fruit the tree provided. I never wanted for anything because food and shelter were always there when I needed them.

There, however, was this one tree that we could not eat from. At the time, I didn’t understand why we couldn’t eat from it and the curiosity was overwhelming. Looking back on it, I realize that God had to provide a choice for us concerning obedience so our love would be real and not coerced. This makes sense to me…now. So, as you could imagine my wife and I were disobedient and ate fruit from that tree. Now, I have been observing my descendants ever since that day, and I have made some interesting observations.

Since the time that I disobeyed, not much of the attitude of humanity has changed. Sometimes they do not understand why God has certain standards, and later realize it is for their protection. They will lash out with anger because they cannot do all things they desire with God’s approval. I have seen this play out so many times. God has a better plan and it is easy to see from my perspective, but I can honestly understand what they are feeling because the plan is not fully apparent.

The most interesting observation has to do with the garden from which I was expelled. Humanity seems to be trying to relive life in the garden…I can’t say I blame them…It was wonderful and there was such freedom. They desire to have no guilt, shame, or punishment. They are going about things backwards though. My race, instead of being obedient to God, is trying to take a shortcut by declaring nothing sinful and ignoring warning signs of collapse. In this, they have been able to reduce the affects of shame, guilt, but freedom still eludes them.

The fact is, I can understand their thought process. If we get rid of the bad things such as guilt and shame then things will be perfect again right? Well, in a way yes….but they are missing one main element. The reason the garden was so great was not because of the bad things that were absent, but because of the best aspect that existed…God’s presence.

My sons and daughters don’t need to spend all of their time and energy trying to fix what I messed up. God’s presence needs to be allowed to freely move among them. I am so glad God thought of the Jesus plan. There is hope after all.


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