Stop the Invasion

Last evening was a pretty normal July 3rd evening. My wife and I put the baby to bed and went back to the living room to watch some TV. Due to the fact that today is the day that we celebrate our independence, this subject was the main issue on nearly every channel. People were having celebrations, political analysts were debating issues, and updates on the various firework bans scrolled across the screen. It was typical.

Like any other year one of the movie channels was showing the movie “Independence Day”. If you have not seen this movie, it is one that depicts an alien invasion, and when all seemed hopeless, the heros saved the day by defeating the aliens. The aliens were faster, stronger, and smarter than their human counterparts, but somehow hope was restored when the spaceships were successfully attacked. The reason it was difficult from the beginning was because the invaders had strong protective shields that made bullets and missiles bounce off like ping pong balls.

As I was watching this movie last night, I begin to realize that there are invaders in everyday life. These invaders are often hidden and “swept under the rug” and without addressing them, they can become dangerous. These invaders are sins that go unattended. For you they may be an unforgiving heart, a secret addiction, an unwillingness to listen to reason, or even a simply disobedience to a specific direction from God. After a while of being ignored, these invaders can create a feeling of bitterness, paranoia, and even fatigue. We begin to even question whether God is near us. To make matters worse then tendency is to build shields of denial, pride, and entitlement. These sins then become things that we feel like we have earned the right to possess. This leads to the previously implied erosion of the soul.

Like in many other scenarios, a good defense is sometimes the best offense. This means if we are constantly on our guard against the enemies attacks we will be energized by the victories we see regularly. Each day we must choose to allow God to search our hearts and reveal those pesky invaders. It is not something we do once and call it quits. This is a daily process. When He has revealed them to us, we then repent and find that doing so brings us closer to Him.

Trust Him with your heart today, and allow Him to be the hero against those pesky invaders.

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