Fix Your Eyes

Several times in scripture the phrase “fix your eyes” is used to call attention to a very important focal point. In some cases it is a general term that encourages the reader to keep focused on the goal of living a devoted life. In other cases, this imperative statement is more specific. It may refer to looking at Jesus as the only example. When something is fixed it means that it doesn’t waver…it is still and concentrated. So, in whatever case this phrase is used, it is meant to illustrate the fact that one must avoid distraction and intentionally create habits that are spiritually healthy.

Biologically, the eyes are wonderfully complex organs that act as sensory computers for the whole body. The slightest abnormality or negative influence can cause blindness or the inability to focus clearly. The eyes are often called the gateway of the soul. This means that all things of spiritual influence enter through the eyes. We are a culture that relies on what is visible over what is invisible, so in the generation that we live…our eyes inform what we believe and how we interpret evidence.

We worship an invisible God, right? We are called to rely on a faith that is unseen, correct? Well..not exactly. That may be how we start, but growth in God’s word takes us beyond that. When God tells us to fix our eyes…I think He is being literal. Our eyes are broken and they need to be fixed. We were born with eyes that only see the practical, explainable, and defined. This is a weakness of human existence.

When we create a habit of looking for the movement of God in everyday life, this faith will become seen and tangible. Our eyes will be transformed so that we can spot God in all places.

I challenge you to look for “God moments” this week. Seek God in the everyday occurrences and the unexplained miracles. Doing this will allow your eyes to be focused and fixed.

-Landon DeCrastos

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