The Master Quilter

ImageMy wife has been babysitting 3 cute little kids for a while now. She cares for these children 2 times a week. It helps pay the bills and it allows my wife to stay at home to earn a little supplemental income. 

In this particular case, the mother of these children drop the kids off to be watched during the day, and she journeys on to work to grow her own newly started business. The first time I ever heard about what this mother of three did with her spare time, as a guy, admittedly I didn’t give it a second thought. I thought it was a girly hobby. However, when learning more about what she did I could see how interesting it was. This woman has a quilting business in which she allows the customer to choose the fabrics that will be used, and amazing pieces of art are created. T-shirts, old pants, bandannas, hand-me-down clothes, newly bought fabrics and other articles are given over to this textile wizard and she is able to combine these textures to create something completely new. An incredible fabric mosaic.

When we are looking at the patterns and experiences of our lives, this same concept comes into play. Each day we maneuver through our existence bumping into people, skinning our knees, working through conflict, and collapsing after exhausting moments. We may experience trials and circumstances in which we ponder the eternal value. What good is coming out of any of this? Why do I have to suffer when I am growing with Christ? What does it all mean?

The answer to these questions are hard to find until one looks at the big picture. Each instance in our lives, if given over to God, has the potential of being a part of His masterful plan. From a bird’s eye view, these instances create a beautiful artistic design. The skill of the master quilter can easily be seen.

So, don’t discount the value of your experiences. God uses them all for the glory of His kingdom. 

-Landon DeCrastos

One thought on “The Master Quilter

  1. What a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing my story. Today I ran into a man in the hallway not once or twice but three times. The first time seeing him I said hello, then the second time we introduced ourselves and he is interested in having me do some work for him. Then the third time, I learned it is not for his business but for him personally. I still don’t know what the project will entail, but it I truly believe God placed the two of his strategically to meet each other and help one another out.


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