Building with Fire

ImageTwo men set out to build tool sheds behind their houses. They were determined to get this project done in one day. They knew that they had to have the right tools to get the job done. These men wanted to build structures that would last a long time and be useful for many years to come. Each man had the same supplies delivered (paint, wood, windows, etc.)  to make sure the shed would be complete.

So, the first man began his morning early and set out to build a sturdy haven for his miscellaneous storage needs. He brought a hammer with him and some appropriate nails to finish the job. At the end of the day he stood in front of a completed work and he was proud of his accomplishment.

The second man brought the tools he thought he needed to finish the job. He brought gasoline and a blow torch. He spent all day trying to construct this shed but only ended up with a pile of smoldering wood. The dream to create this building went up in flames.

As Christians, God has given us all the necessary equipment to impact the world and have a successful Christian life. Why, then are so many believers struggling in their growth? The answer to this question has nothing to do with the supplies God has already delivered, but with the tools we are bringing to the project. Are we using these tools to build or destroy? God has given us the power and authority to do both.

This concept applies to many scenarios. Do we spend our time gossiping and tearing people down behind their back OR, do we desire to help guide them toward success? Do we constantly complain, OR do we try to find a way to get involved to make things better? Do we spend most of our energy becoming the victim in every circumstance, OR do we celebrate the victories in our life?

If we were to ask God what He desires for our life as a Christian what do you think He would say? Well, I am glad you asked because it is actually very clear in His word. He desires that we may experience abundant life! We are already saved. We are already going to enjoy Heaven when we transition from this life, but abundant life means a productive life of growth and joy. We must spend our time and energy offering freedom and forgiveness to others, and searching for opportunities to display the joy you have found in Jesus Christ.

Stop bringing fire to the project. Choose life and abundance!

-Landon DeCrastos

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