Those Crazy Church People Part 5

ImageMy son is 20 months old now. I can’t tell you how many times I hear my son looks more like his mother. This is okay with me though because he is such a handsome boy and I am glad he inherited her traits. Just like my wife, he has the most beautiful blue eyes. They are somewhat hypnotic. In addition to those comments, people also tell me that my son has many of my personality characteristics. He loves any sport that includes a ball; he has my sense of humor, and he loves to read books (or act like he is reading…which is what I did to get through college).

If we are determined to live a life of faithful surrender to God’s plan, then we have to figure out who or what we resemble the most. The answer to this question will help guide us so we are more aware of our place on the spectrum of spiritual growth. Do we have more of the characteristics of popular culture, persuasive peers, or convenient preferences? Or, do the traits of our life closer resemble the sacrifice, surrender, and passion of Jesus Christ? In case you didn’t know…the world is actually not looking for a Christianity that resembles everything else they are used to. Deep inside all humanity is the need to hear the truth of God’s mercy, love, and righteousness.

We have a message that is so profound that we can’t afford to let it be put aside because it is unpopular. Christ is risen…God is love… Salvation is available to all. Go and represent this to the world.

-Pastor Landon

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