Those Crazy Church People Part 2

What does it mean to be a mature Christian? What does this look like in the context of Sunday worship, and even my personal free time? These are questions that we have to wrestle with when we make the conscious decision to grow deeper in our faith. As a sequel to the last writing, I want to give a few short examples of what it looks like to have maturity in the context of the body of Christ.

First, as I talked about previously, we must be willing to look at the church as a training ground to deepen our faith. The conflicts we work through in a healthy way and the experiences we share are meant to help us learn and become better examples of Christ.

Next, we are called to commitment. Through the exciting times and those that are discouraging, we are called to participate in the body of Christ…not just so attendance is better, but so that others can gain blessing from the gifts that God has given you. Blessings from God are given so that they can be shared to encourage and support the kingdom. This leads me to my next writing…

Get ready….next time I am going to talk about giving (gulp)…

….to be continued

-Pastor Landon

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