Children are talked about in a few different instances in the Bible. In the culture in which Jesus lived, children were looked at as extra mouths to feed. It was okay because, back then, parents chose to have children for a few different reasons. They were born to carry on the family name, raise younger children, and work in the family industry. When Jesus talks about them He approaches the subject with deep respect and caution. When children were looked at as second class citizens with no particular rights, Jesus was calling His people to look at them as a life example. Christ’s followers are called to approach their faith with innocence, trust, and a willingness to give up their rights for the progression of God’s kingdom.

Sometimes when we think about children, we think about little people that need to be cared for and sometimes get under our feet. Every once in a while we trip over them, and step on their toys. They have to rely on us for their daily provision. In the same way, God desires to be our provider. He doesn’t mind when we get in the way, as long as we give Him permission to redirect us.

We are His children. We are called to behave as such.

-Landon DeCrastos

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