Running Late

Have you ever noticed you experience the most red lights when you are in a hurry? In between intersections you may speed and weave through traffic, but you still find yourself late and frustrated. For some, this scenario causes large amounts of stress. I happen to be one of these people. I can’t stand to be late. When I have an appointment with someone, I try to arrive early and if the other person is 2 minutes late, then I assume they forgot and need a helpful “reminder text”. After the person arrives, they will usually share the reason they were late, and it will all make sense. Sometimes, the individual I am meeting may have been late because they stopped by a store to get me a gift. I then feel silly for being frustrated, and at that point I am humbled by their effort.

In the Bible, the Israelites were the same way. They had been waiting and waiting for hundreds of years for a conquering Messiah to invade human history. This Messiah was going to overthrow the tyrannical government and establish a new kingdom (or so they thought). This is the information that was handed down through the last several generations. Then Jesus arrives…

Jesus seemed to be the perfect fit because the words He spoke, and the miracles He performed were exactly what prophecy had predicted. There was a problem though… He was mild, and described himself as a servant. This made people mad… He obviously was not who he claimed to be… Perhaps they misunderstood the prophecy… Or, maybe He would conquer just as David conquered Goliath (the unexpected victory of the CENTURY!)

The nation of Israel was collectively frustrated because they had been waiting for deliverance for such a long time. They were so angry they wanted to kill this fraud….

But wait…..Jesus was late, by their standards, because He was preparing a gift for them…
                                                                                                       To be continued…..

-Landon DeCrastos

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