If you were to explain what you do each day what would the explanation look like? Would your daily calendar detail your job description and look more like a resume’? Would you list activities that keep you busy so that others would appreciate the hard work you do to justify the money you earn?

How many people could honestly say that their daily lives follow the same pattern day in and day out? The fact is we are all victims of regular distractions. We do not plan these instances, and they are not in our job description, but they are there and frequent. Some may even get annoyed by the fact that these distractions exist.

If we were to look at our lives from a “bird’s eye view” we may realize that distractions make up most of our time. It may even come to our attention that these circumstances were actually the most productive.

Sometimes God can speak to us in a powerful way in situations that were not planned or prepared for in advance. Perhaps a good friend is in the hospital and you stop what you are doing to pray with them at their bedside. Maybe your son or daughter wants you to pause in the midst of some work that you brought home to simply read them a story.

If we were to open hearts and minds to God’s work we will be able to spot His action in the seemingly distracting life-moments. Allow Him to take control and guide at a moment’s notice.

Landon DeCrastos

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