My Offensive word for the day

I love the mountains.

They are beautiful, scenic, and powerful. When driving through the mountains one can get lost in the peaks and valleys.

My wife and I love to visit the mountains when we can. We like to revisit the little town in Colorado that we vacationed during our honeymoon.

This little town is positioned perfectly for hiking trails because it is tucked neatly away in the cavity of a cluster of mountains. This town hasn’t changed at all over the last several years.

The interesting thing about this little town is the fact that there is only one road that enters. It is a highway exit that all must experience to find their way to this quaint destination.

Thinking about this town led me to think about something else that is a hot button topic for many. Eternal destiny. The fact is many argue that there must be many ways to God. Aren’t all faiths essentially the same?

I have found that this question is actually not respectful to any religion or faith tradition. This is because all of these philosophies teach opposing viewpoints concerning life and eternity. Sure most talk about Heaven and Hell and teach on various relational subjects… In fact there are many similarities in values held by all. In this case, there must be one that is correct….either that or we have not found the right way yet, right?

I believe there is only one way to God. That is Jesus Christ. This is not because God is mean and narrow minded, but because He is so gracious and loving that He actually decided to provide a way to Him. People may be offended by this, but then again if there were 50 ways to God many would desire 51.

I believe that there is a standard for right and wrong. This is not because of arrogance or emotion but because of love and guidance. I believe this standard is the Bible. The Bible is not only a book written by humans, but one written despite humans (uncorrupted despite time). A book shaped and inspired by God himself (the must be actually read to be argued any other way..:))

So, maybe you are reading this today thinking “whoa Landon, I don’t need to know what you believe…quit Bible beating me.” The truth will set you free… it is also sometimes offensive.

It’s like vegetables….

-Landon DeCrastos

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