In 1 John 1:5-10, God is referred to as light. What a great analogy. Throughout the ages we will always understand the difference between light and dark. This scripture speaks to me as a Christian and I feel it not only puts us in check, it helps us to understand an unbeliever.

Too often I feel Christians expect an unbeliever to desire God as they do. “They don’t know what they are missing…If only they believed.” It’s not that simple. As Christians we struggle daily and continue to sin. We seek “The Light,” yet stumble continually. So, for those who live in the darkness, who can not even conceive God, how much harder for them to believe.
I say this because I think as Christians it is vital to focus on our own lives so that we can be a refuge and beacon to others. Unbelievers will most likely see God through us and in us before they accept something that sounds like a fairytale or magic.

So, with the New Year and this scripture in mind, I encourage every Christian to see yourself as God does. Love yourself and others as God does. And, keep God on speed dial. We are works in progress and should not be ashamed to be so. Our missteps can be used to relate to others and help them to know God as we do.

-Laura Ford