Fresh Start

January is an exciting time of year. It is a month defined by new beginnings, resolutions, and the articulation of goals. Sometimes, during this time of year, new habits are formed that are designed to make us better human beings. Many people gravitate toward their own physical condition and make a vow to lose weight or to simply incorporate regular activity into their routine. Others may resolve to read their Bibles more or spend a greater amount of time in prayer. These are all noble goals.

So, by the simple nature of the way that the calendar is set up, January seems to be a great time to think of a new beginning…a fresh start.

What happens when we “fall of the wagon”? What happens when we get out of the habit that we intentionally committed to on January 1? Many are devastated and go into a short period of shame based thinking. They may think that hope for a new start is gone.

What if we were to look at every morning as a fresh start to a new life? What if new beginnings were available to us throughout the year?

God gives us that opportunity when we choose to surrender to His plans. When we give our lives to Him, blessings, peace, joy, love, newness and abundance are the results. Every day, his mercies are new.

-Landon DeCrastos

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