As a culture, we have been taught something that doesn’t seem to be supported by the counsel of scripture. This concept is taught in every discipline, subject, and university. For some reason, Christians are choosing to believe it and incorporate it in their personal education.

The concept revolves around the right an individual has to teach. The world tells us that one must have a high education and expert knowledge of the subject in order to teach. This is true in most cases. I wouldn’t want someone who has just picked up a hammer for the first time to teach me how to build a house. So, the concept is correct….except in all things spiritually related.

What qualifies one who teaches in the spiritual realm? Is it expertise? Is it a full grasp of all theological concepts?
Only in the universities…

One that is the best representative of a life lived in Christ is one that realizes that he/she is hopeless without Him… One who realizes that they are nothing in themselves, but identified in God.

I seem to learn best from people, like me, who are at their wits end…don’t know where the next dollar is going to come from…but are faithful regardless.

-Landon DeCrastos

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