Excuses, Excuses…

It usually starts about Friday night, or Saturday afternoon…..my quest to find the perfect excuse. I’ve heard them all, because I’ve more than likely used them all, or most of them, at one time or the other in my life. As I get older, I realize I have less tolerance for Excuses. You see, it’s usually on the weekend that Satan loves to work in the heart and minds of people, God’s people. Sunday is coming…. and so are the excuses. Let’s go over some of the excueses and see which one’s you’ve used.

I only have Sunday to do my errands, so I couldn’t come to church this morning. -Of course I had time to go to lunch with family and friends, watch the Colts play football, lay out in the sun, swim, and even take in an hour nap. You see I was so busy with those things, I couldn’t find an hour for the King of Kings.

I was out late on Saturday and just couldn’t get up in time to make church. – OF course I stay up late throughout the week to do different things, late dinner dates with friends, for some late nights drinking with friends, so on and so on. You see, I was up late nights throughout the week, but I sat an alarm to make it to an important appointment, or for work the next morning, but couldn’t do the same to spend an hour with the King of Kings.

It was raining so hard, and dark and gloomy, it was just so hard to pull myself out of bed. – OF course it has been raining all week, but I still met all my commitments (because I’m so responsible) in a timely manner because that’s what responsible people do. – Of course it’s raining on Sunday, Satan would have it no other way, but you are too afraid of getting a little wet, to be in the presence of the King of Kings for one hour. Oh and by the way, last I knew we have great weather protection at church.

I can’t go to church because they will expect something from me, like money, or a smile, or maybe make me sing praises or worship.- I do have to get gas and groceries, maybe go out to eat, YELL at the top of my lungs for a sporting event VICTORY, watch American Idol, or The Voice, or even sit and listen to my favorite rock band on ITUNES and do my facebook updates………..STOP IT….. STOP IT…..Don’t you think I sound pretty silly each week?

This past week was the best of the best……Spend the whole weekend in line to get a SALE at a store, miss work, miss family time, miss cleaning your house, miss sleep, all to get that ONE sale…. But were you that enthusiastic to spend 1 hour in church to worship the King of Kings?

Who are you giving the excuses to? The pastor, one of the members of the church, your family members, those that care about your spiritual well-being…………..That’s it……Those WHO CARE ABOUT YOU most, get all the excuses. Sounds kind of silly now doesn’t it?

You see, when I came to the conclusion that GOD already knows THE WHOLE story, the excuses sounded really ridiculous. I also really wondered if God ever gave me an excuses? NEVER! I serve a God that has no excuses for loving me, for caring for me, for providing for me, for healing me, for loving me. I strive to give him my best. Excuses are NOT my best. Look at the excuse you are going to use to why you didn’t attend church, or why you didn’t tithe, or why you didn’t visit someone in need when God laid them on your heart. When you pray, are you praying for God’s best??? I guarantee he will NOT give you an excuse as to why he is NOT answering your prayer!

THE ULTIMATE EXCUSES are regarding Salvation. Have you given your heart to the Lord? Or do you have an excuse for him today? Go over those excuses in your mind today… We have a God just waiting to hear from you. He is waiting, loving, providing, healing and on the job FULL TIME, 24/7, never calls in sick, never sleeps, and he ALWAYS finds time for you. He wants you to give him your best. That’s all he asks… There are always emergency situations, He’s already aware. Treat him as he is THE KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS, PROVIDER of all your needs.

-Sharilyn DeCrastos

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