Honesty is a double-edged sword. And, I can say that I am both for it and against it.

For example, in a marriage honesty is crucial for a strong and fruitful companionship. However, if my husband doesn’t like my hair, don’t tell me until it has grown out. Actually, don’t tell me at all.

Honesty has its place and time. It’s not only important that we learn to tell the truth but to do so in the right time and in love.

For me, honesty is too easy. What I have to watch out for is that I don’t say too much and that I explain my logic. I am often blunt and that can be hurtful to some people who aren’t used to it. And, even for those that are used to it, it can still sting.

When I lead, I end up needing to ask for forgiveness. When God leads, my mind is clear and the best words or action is always there.

There are so many facets in being honest and I think that’s why people tend to avoid doing so. But, for me, telling the truth is ultimately refreshing. And, it keeps life simple.

-Laura Ford

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