Why is it that everything that tastes so good is so bad for me? My taste buds curse me everytime I have a craving for food. If God had a suggestion box, I would ask that he change the flavor of some things. I wish that celery tasted like marshmallows and carrots tasted like chocolate covered pretzels. I would eat more and would be ultra healthy.

Bread is something that is another vice of mine. I could fill myself full on those yummy rolls at nice restaurants and be happy with not having to pay anything. Bread, however, is not the best thing to eat in mass quantities. I have to think about my nutrition.

If I only ate candy and bread for the rest of my life, it is possible that I would be hundreds of pounds overweight. At a medical check-up, the doctor would give me an unexpected diagnosis. He or she would tell me that I am malnourished… Really? Malnourished? I am overweight! I have TOO many nutrients! The fact is, at that point my body would be full of empty calories that would collect as fat in my body. In return, my body would be craving certain nutrients to help repair cells and fight infections.

In the same way, as humans, we tend to fill ourselves with things that will make us feel empty. Hobbies, collections, affinities, and habits are just some of the things that are okay in moderation but damage our souls when approached with gluttony. God is the only one that can fill our hearts, and minds. Look to Him, and He will be enough.

-Landon DeCrastos

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