An Attitude of Gratitude

When I think of the word gratitude, I think of how it is reflected in our attitude. This is the time of year when many reflect gratitude in their attitude, helping to make Thanksgiving and Christmas two of my favorite holidays.

In contrast, the day after Christmas always feels like a big let down. It’s an excuse for everyone to go back to being a scrooge. We find the energy to be kind and patient during the holidays, dropping change in the Salvation Army bucket, stopping to listen to carolers and just thinking of others first. Then, as if we are all exhausted or we’re thinking about the upcoming New Year, we begin to focus on ourselves again, which is all too easy.

This is where I need to practice what I preach. I think that if we listed off what we are thankful for at the beginning of each day or when we start to get frustrated during the day, we would have such a better attitude. It’s really quite simple. When we focus on the bad, we will feel bad. When we focus on the good, we will feel good.

So, today, I am most grateful for God’s love and grace, my family and the blessing of being surrounded by so many wonderful people that take yet another place in my growing heart.

-Laura Ford

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