What does it mean to truly be great? It is the amount of dollars in the bank, or the fancy clothes on a person’s back? Or, could it have something to do with the car one drives or the title printed on a business card?

Perhaps….it is a matter of perspective.

When many people think about greatness these terms and ideas seem to sneak into the definition. It is hard to make a case any other way really. We don’t see news stories about people that are considered “great” and do not possess these qualities as an extra bonus. A big ordeal is made when a person who has made millions dies, because a great era is ending. There is a reason for this in many cases. Some of these people were able to cast vision, and bring an idea into reality. This idea was then made into an industry which employed hundreds and even thousands of people. The CEO and/or founder of this company possessed certain leadership qualities that others admired. Perhaps this admiration was born more out of vanity than true honor. So, it is apparent that our society values stories about rags to riches, and the innate ability to stretch a dollar to make a million.  

I know what you are expecting me to say. You are expecting me to make a comment about how these people are not the ones that are great, and throw in a spritual curveball that will make you fill guilty about living in an affluent country such as America. Nope.  Well, the fact is, there are people that are great and possess these qualities (material wealth, excess, position, etc.)  There are also people that are great that don’t have nearly as many things….

What is the common denominator in both of these instances? The road to greatness converges for both of these parties when that person is publically and unapologetically grateful for what God has given them. Grateful for the ups, the downs, the money, and the last minute provision. We are all called to be great. Gratitude is the key.

-Landon DeCrastos

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