Creative Freedom

Creating is not knowing where you are headed, but just putting pencil to paper- paint to canvas and finding out where you end up.

Often when I create something I start with one idea and end up with something different. And, along the way I come up with a million more ideas. (If only I could create a longer day in which to do them all.)

When we create something there is complete freedom to what we can make. To some this is intimidating; to others the excitement could make them explode. But, no matter, I highly recommend it.

If we just look at all that God has created and what we have created because God created us, it’s pretty amazing. He proves that it is not necessary to color in the lines and that what we might view as mistakes are just elements that make the piece unique, beautiful or inspiring. If we create through God’s eyes, we will be awestruck by the result.

-Laura Ford

One thought on “Creative Freedom

  1. Thank you for this post! 🙂 This reminds me of a story about shattered colored glass. Each fragment of colored glass amalgamates forming a beautiful stained glass image! It amazes me how a bunch of “small pieces” can create something beautiful…when we focus on the small pieces, He focuses on the creative process (the journey from one piece to many) and the awesome outcome (the overall stained glass portrait)!


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