Outlet for Creativity

The other day I sat for a few minutes and stared at the wall in an attempt to clear my mind. I had a somewhat stressful day that day so I figured this would be a good exercise to help maintain balance. Some call it quiet reflection… As I looked at this blank drywall canvas, I noticed the outlet positioned ankle height. Because of my son, we have plastic outlet plugs that guard him from the power source. 

For some reason, in that moment, an abstract concept came to mind as I stared at the plug. I began to think about different things that I plug into the wall every day.  Each gadget and gizmo has its own charcteristic that makes it unique and helpful for the task that it was made for. Each contraption has a special purpose. I wouldn’t use a toaster to charge my phone, or a laptop cord to power a hairdryer…. So, each cord that I plug in has a specific electronic mate that it was made for.

The power cord, by itself is a useless pile of insulated wire. If I plugged it into the gadget it would be equally useless. Moreover, if I plugged one end of the cord to the other end of itself, it would make nothing more than an awkward paper weight.

What is my point? In order for this cord to do its job of transfering power it must be plugged into the power source. In the same way, God has given each one of us creativity for the very same purpose. He has created our minds in a certain way to grasp concepts that some may not be able to comprehend. He has given us passions to guide our minds, and hands. All of this, so His power can be transfered though us into a powerless world.

If we were to only use our creative minds for the purpose of being acknowledged by others then this gift is wasted. If we simply use if to gratify our own desires, then no true purpose is found. Creativity is only used to its full potential when we are relying on God’s resources and passing blessings on to others.

Trust in God today to be the source of your power and use the creativity that He has given you to be a blessing for someone else.

-Landon DeCrastos

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