Every parent, at some point in their lives, questions whether or not their son or daughter is absorbing the information that we are attempting to teach them. Do they understand the rules of the house? Do they know that mommy and daddy intend the best for them? Do they truly know they are loved?

Among these question, parents also question whether or not their children are being taught healthy habits. Are they able to see the proper way to behave and can they begin to act this way as well?

My son Josiah is smart as a whip. He loves to try and figure things out. He wants to know how things work, what his limits are and what kind of things he can accomplish. He is only one year old and he loves to mimic people and try to repeat sounds that he hears.  The problem is…I have taught him a bad habit. Sometimes, while watching TV, I like to pick up whatever is next to me and toss the object in the air and catch it. I don’t even realize that I am doing it sometimes. It seems like a harmless habit, but often I will look down and my son will be staring at me with great curiosity. So…now he likes to pick everything up and toss it in the air. No matter how heavy, sharp, or fragile the object. Soon, it will be airborne if my son is in the area.

I can’t blame him…He is mimicking what he sees. He is attempting to be a reflection of his father. His identity is found in his parents.

What if we, as Christians, truly attempted to be reflections of our Heavenly Father? What kind of change would we see in our homes, communities, and world? Not just the God we learned about in Sunday school, or heard about from an older saint….but the God who we have been with and seen in action.

Be a reflection today.

-Landon DeCrastos

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