Identity Crisis

Identity is something that we continually seek and is something that continually changes. My 8 month old is just now discovering his existence, so he looks at his mom, dad and brother as his identity. In contrast, my 3 year old has pretended to be a dog for the past two weeks. A year ago, when I introduced him to pretend play he would refuse and state his full name. As a 2 year old he didn’t want to identify with anything but his name because that is what he had learned so far and it gave him peace. Now if you call him a dog he is genuinely excited.

As we age, we go through various stages of identity discoveries. I can think of several times in which I found myself in a new place…as a little sister, a young woman, a wife, a mother and so on. As life changes, our identity changes. And, there is great importance in knowing ourselves. Hence, why many call it an “identity crisis.”

Another variable to this is our growth spiritually. As Christians we try to identify with Christ. We work to make our lives a reflection of His greatness. This by far is the hardest challenge to me, but the greatest reward. When I identify with Christ, I have a greater peace than all the other variables that make up who I am.

I am a mother, wife, woman, artist…I have a brother, a niece, a nephew… The list could go on and on. In Christ I am so much more while ironically so much less. I am who I am, but I am complete and at peace in God.

-Laura Ford

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