Mistaken Identity (Repost)

Do you ever wonder how you are perceived as a person? Do people see you as generally happy, or someone who is always serious? What about your family? Are you seen as gentle and close-knit, or are you characterized by disfunction and chaos?

As I was thinking about these questions, I began to think about how my broader family is seen…No, not the people I see at my family reunions, although many are included in this. I am talking about the family of God….Christians.

Christians have gotten a bad wrap over the years, and in many cases, I can see where it comes from. In many cases, we receive our public identity from things that we are involved in, social polls, or even the media.

We feel the need to vote together, to send forwards to each other that cause each other to tear up, and to advocate issues together…..

Is it possible that we are using Christianity instead of being used by Jesus?

How are Christians perceived in everyday life?

Are we seen as people who boycott stores because of their support of specific issues? OR…are we characterized as the ones who will go out of our way to put the cart back in the cart corral.

Do we only support life during pregnancy? OR…do we support life until death?

Are we in the business of codemning? OR…are we in the business of healing?

Do we simply go to church? OR…are we being the Church?

Do we only pray for people? OR…. do we pray with people?

Do we just preach the Word, or do we live it out every day?

Ultimately, in our lives, we must make a decision….We must decide what our identity in the world will look like. When we are in Christ…He becomes our identity. Suffering becomes our policy. And, lives become our priority.

I pray that all the broader family will become the Church that Jesus died for, and shy away from being the people that Jesus died because of…

-Landon DeCrastos

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