Pain Agenda

In my experience as a pastor, I have an opportunity to meet with people from all walks of life. Many times, these people are coming to me with problems, or they have recognized their need for some insight on the progress of their life in a counseling setting. Through these interactions I get to peer through an invisible doorway and observe the struggles, personal convictions, and non-negotiable beliefs that each person clings to.

I love meeting with people who don’t believe the way I do. It helps to challenge me, and help me to grow in the faith that I have discovered. The faith that I claim is one that is defined by joy, redemption and sacrifice. I know I can rely on my Heavenly Father at all times, because He has proven faithful. There are many people I talk to, however, that would disagree with me about the basic pillars of my faith. Why is this? Why can’t people see the abundance that is found in Jesus?

Well, it occurred to me, as I reflected on my various meetings that many people are guided by their pain. Their beliefs, convictions, and even the lifestyles they lead are often a direct result of the pain their have experienced in their past. Many can’t call God father, because of the unforgettable abuse of their childhood. Many reject their own marriages because of past rape or abandonment. Many question who they are because of past rejection. The examples could go on and on….

What kind of life are we leading that is guided by pain? This life is often defined by fear, addiction, depression, unhealthy physical habits, promiscuity, and “attention-craving” behavior. Ultimately, people that follow this unhealthy guide simply desire to fill this void that has been cause by the slow erosion of their soul. I can’t say I blame them. There really is no hope with this type of life.

The fact is…like it or not…. Jesus directly responds to this agenda of pain. The Bible says that a life lived with Jesus is one that is defined by abundance. Pain can be neutralized through the acceptance of the pain and suffering Jesus experienced. Odd huh? Well….it’s the truth.

-Landon DeCrastos

One thought on “Pain Agenda

  1. Hello- I too have had many pains in my life for these short 30 years I have been privileged to be on this Earth. I like many others have had pains of growing up “different” as some would say. Some of us wear glasses, or have braces on our teeth and still others have braces on our legs or like myself wear hearing aids. Growing up in a public schools system back in the 1980’s ….students wearing hearing aids was not the “norm.” so to speak. I was made fun of by my so called peers and friends because to them I was “different.” Well let me tell you…..we are ALL different then one another..that is why God made us the way He did! So, as many of you can relate….that is a type pf pain that no one likes to experience but, God is always besides us and I praise the Lord that I have hearing aids to hear!! When I was really young (say forth grade) the giggling behind my back or the jokes the other kids made of me I did not like and it pained me…. however, it did not take me long to be proud of who I was and what the Lord had and has done in my life. I am happy to tell you all that my husband Lance and I both wear hearing aids and I would not trade my wonderful husband for anything!
    Sadly, my husband and I have just recently experienced a different and new kind of pain we had hoped we would never have to have, face or feel. Our little boy was due to be born September 30th, 2011. On September 15, 2011 our beautiful little Garret Raymond was born-sadly he was still born. We had found out he had no heartbeat just a few days before on Monday, September 12, 2011. That whole week and the many weeks to follow and to come had/have been so difficult for my husband and I-some and most days we were/are just numb. However-through our difficult and horrific times, our crying out to Jesus in sadness and our longing to hold our baby boy again- God has helped ease our pain. The pain is still there-very much so….not a day goes by that I have not cried thus far. My husband and I are holding onto each other and praying and also believe it or not-praising God. In our great pain that is in our hearts and deep within our souls, we know that Garret is with Jesus! We praise the Lord that Garret is with Him and that we were able to “have” him for the almost 9 months that we did( he was born at 37 weeks) Pain rather it be emotional, physical, spiritual or mental is all painful, hard to process, and draining on our bodies. HOWEVER, THROUGH OUR SADNESS AND HURTS OF LIFE-GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US, FOR US, AND HE LOVES US VERY MUCH!! Thank you for letting me share with you just 2 instances of pain I/we have experienced. God be with you and God bless, Emily Cole


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